02 DecProvalus Recognized by the Texas Workforce Commission as 2022 Veteran Friendly Employer of the Year

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Optomi Professional Services is pleased to announce that the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) selected Provalus as the 2022 Texas Workforce Solutions Veteran-Friendly Employer of the Year from among the many nominated employers across the state. Each year, the state’s 28 Local Workforce Development Boards nominate exceptional employers from their respective local workforce development areas for consideration for the Texas Workforce Solutions Employer of the Year awards. The award recognizes the innovative efforts to recruit, hire, and retain veterans as an important part of the Provalus workforce.

As the managed services brand of Optomi Professional Services, Provalus serves Fortune-listed clients with dependable, quality and practical technology-related services while creating new jobs in rural communities. By employing high-aptitude Americans, especially veterans and their families, OPS is impacting local economies and revitalizing small towns. The job creation initiative is projected to have a multi-million dollar economic impact on local communities over the next five years.

The award will be presented during the 25th Annual Texas Workforce Conference Employer Awards Luncheon Thursday, December 1st.  A video highlighting the mission of Provalus, its commitment to veteran hiring and the meaning behind the award can be found HERE.

“Provalus has a very unique mission. We’re actually developing our own talent in rural America with a special emphasis on veterans. We’re proud to be helping people reach their full potential”, commented Mike Keogh. “The partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission has been so helpful. When you’re hiring hundreds of folks in one community in a very short period of time, it’s only possible with partnerships at a local community level.”

“Through Provalus, we’re able to provide technology services from small town America that fuel local economies. Our veteran-friendly initiatives demonstrate our commitment to the country and to the military community,” commented Chuck Ruggiero, Chief Executive Officer of Optomi Professional Services.

Provalus specializes in professional services including Business Process Optimization, Infrastructure Operations (HD, IAM, NOC, SOC) and Application & ITO Support. In the last two years, the company has doubled in size, grown to 4 delivery centers, 1 satellite campus, has a client base spanning the Fortune 2000 and employs hundreds of rural Americans with a workforce currently comprised of 18% veterans, 56% women and with 28% diversity.

Laura Chevalier, Chief Growth Officer of Optomi Professional Services, said “One of the things we’ve been very passionate about in growing this business is supporting our veteran communities, their spouses, and family members. The overall business growth, sense of community, and large veteran population in Texas is unique. We’re grateful for the partnerships in this great state of Texas.”

Optomi Professional Services is a 100% U.S.- based firm dedicated to partnering with clients to fuel critical technology initiatives. We propel our clients’ success through our unique services and a heart for giving back.


We hire and develop the best and brightest undiscovered talent in our small towns and rural communities to deliver a remarkable experience for our technology clients and end-users alike. Provalus specializes in professional services including Business Process Optimization, Infrastructure Operations (HD, IAM, NOC, SOC) and Application & ITO Support Services that compete head-on with offshore outsourcing. By creating opportunities where there were none; with companies that believe in America’s future, Provalus is generating a superior workforce. We provide Fortune-listed companies the dependable, quality and practical services they need… straight from the heart of America. We are purposefully disruptive… PROVIDING OUTSOURCING VALUE FROM THE U.S.

Christen Black, CMO of Optomi Professional Services pr@provalus.com | www.provalus.com


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