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Our refreshingly unique staff augmentation strategies propel you forward.

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We love to collaborate and create innovative solutions.  As we learn about your business goals, we have the unique capability of deploying multi-faceted solutions.  With branches spanning the country, we serve progressive thinkers all across the U.S.

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We strive to provide you the best fit for your project, so our well-resourced recruiters dive into their networks to present you with passive candidates… not those sitting on job boards. OPS also has the unique ability to train talent to meet the demands of your projects.

you hire

Our refreshingly unique process allows you to screen the candidate with a video interview in addition to a thorough submittal package. It makes it easy to decide if the candidate is the right fit. When pursuing outsourcing teams, a quick visit to one of our rural facilities and you’ll experience a solution like none other.

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Through our three elite brands, we are able to fulfill our mission to provide meals for under-resourced children, create opportunities for families to thrive through the provision of technology careers and elevate entire communities as a result of the economic growth we enable. OPS is genuinely PURPOSE-DRIVEN.

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