Client: Enterprise Technology Provider

Business Challenge:

This enterprise technology provider was struggling with the quality of their candidate pool from their “vendors”. They explained that the team would interview 15 people just to discover 1 candidate that met their needs. The HR department was overwhelmed with finding resources for a 40 person project. They needed unique, highly skilled talent and turned to Optomi for a partnership.


Scrum Team






The initial reqs came from the V.P. level. Having hired one of our resources and appreciating the superior quality of candidates and our streamlined process, he quickly spread the word to other hiring managers. Our reputation grew and a strong relationship began.

With strong inter-company referrals, we were able to expand quickly. In fact, we are often given exclusive rights to support projects at this company. We placed 70 contractors at once and have several hundred currently deployed to this valuable client. 94% are on contract. This strong relationship led to an introduction to our domestic outsourcing services as well. They are currently engaged with our talent resources in Brewton, AL.


With our quality process, our interview to hire ratio went from 15:1 to 4:1. Because they value our resources and their superior quality, 60% of the contractors were converted to full-time employment.

Optomi has become a trusted partner. We have put hundreds of people to work for this enterprise technology provider. Through Opt2give, we’ve provided over 2,400 meals. Through Provalus, we have employed teams of people for this client and as a result have created financial stability for many rural American families.

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