15 JanIs Your Company Data Vulnerable?

Posted in Cyber Security by OPS Leadership

We all love technology. We love it for all the good it does, the joy it brings, the awe it inspires, and the insight it gives us into the world, right from our fingertips. But as with most things in life, there is bad that comes alongside the good.  Roses have thorns, cars emit greenhouse gases (unless it’s a Tesla), and technology is prone to cyber attacks. The rapid growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) makes cybersecurity more important than ever.

Cybersecurity should be at top of mind for all CXOs and tech companies. According to a survey from McKinsey, almost 50 percent of CXOs admit they have been attacked and, likely, a significant number of the others have but have not yet realized it. 

Of those who know they’ve been attacked, more than 25 percent experience what they call severe damage as a result.  Data such as passwords and private company information can be stolen and leaked. 

With any tech company, these attacks are an inherent risk. Many even consider it to be the biggest threat to their business (75 percent according to a recent survey by McKinsey). By 2022, we are projected to need 3.5 million more cybersecurity experts than will be available.

So how does an organization overcome cyber vulnerabilities? With these cybersecurity best practices!

  1. Have a dedicated team: Having a team that reviews tech architecture, specifically that looks at the design of a company’s systems to minimize the risk and limit the number of vulnerabilities is key. Through Optomi Professional Services, we can provide a security team, individuals with cyber security expertise as well as a cyber threat response team.
  1. Phishing scam education: Educate your employees on how to identify and avoid phishing scams by being cautious about all communication they receive, and by installing phishing filters to improve the resilience of your company’s critical infrastructure. 
  1. Enforce password security: Enforce good security practices by ensuring all employees are in the habit of choosing secure passwords and changing them often. That said, it doesn’t matter how good the passwords are on their own. A full set of security protocols should be created and implemented.
  2. Beware malicious bot firewalls: Set up firewalls and software to block bots from gaining total control over computers and systems, which often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Malicious bots can gather passwords and other data.  They can log your keystrokes, obtain financial information, send spam, and launch attacks. Hiring experts in the cyber security field can help prevent these attacks.
  3. Partner with OPS to secure qualified talent that helps eliminate vulnerabilities: Our teams help you become cyber resilient. By identifying suspicious cyber activity, helping your organization understand incidents that occur and uncovering bad practices that could be making your systems vulnerable, Optomi Professional Services is the perfect partner. 


Our talent pool consists of high-caliber experts in the areas of security engineering, security analysts, security architects and SOC. We deploy them on contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent employment.  Our deep network of candidates with these high-demand skillsets alleviate exposure.

Prevention is the best defense—explore how we can decrease your company’s security risks here.